Effects Of Paul In Tangerine

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Had your mom hurt you really bad without her physically hurting you? Well the novel tangerine is about as kid name paul who is hurt from all around him and goes on an wild aveter form school to school, and suffers from being legally blind but says he can see good, but no one believes him at all, Pauls is also a really big fan for soccer. In this essay you will learn all the ways that Pauls mom Mrs. Fisher lies, and gets him in trouble, aslo how she helps him. Mrs. Fisher’s choice to fill out IEP paperwork for Paul affected him by getting him kicked off the Lake Windsor soccer team. She choiced to fill out an IEP form for paul is because she wanted to see a tour around the Lake Windsor Middle school “We were hoping to see exactly where …show more content…

But he wanted to so he wont have an IEP form on him so he can play soccer and he won't think other people think he is crazy also. The reason why she said yes is because she was sorry that paul was kick off the soccer team and also paul argued and said “Mom, you ruined my life at Lake Windsor Middle when you turned in that IEP. this is your chance to un-ruin it! Dad, I don't mind if you never pay any attention to me for the rest of my life, just give me this hance! I wont complain about erik,ever. Just give me this chance. Both of you. I want to go to Tangerine Middle School, and I what to go with no IEP.”(pg 94) The reason why she let him go to Tangerine is because she felt bad that she made him not play soccer because she knows that its is his favorite sport but she ruined it form him so she let him go to Tangerine, to play soccer again and also forgive her about what she did to him. This affected him by him going to a new school; and he does not have an IEP form with him this time also he can play soccer with a better soccer

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