Effects Of Sex In The Philippines

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Sexuality and reproduction are imprinted on one human’s nature. And yet the topic of sex, when raised, will most likely elicit snickers, jokes, and blushes in most Filipino adults or expressions of indignation and disgust (“The Funny Way Filipinos talk about Sex”, 2011), it should not be that way. Filipino people tend to feel embarrassed about tackling such topics: sex and what goes along with it, mainly because of what others might depict them to be. This attitude is what leads the Filipinos to rather be ignorant than be prepared. It is all a matter of choosing whether society depicts you as a sexually knowledgeable individual or as a weak individual one can easily use as a sexual stimulant. Every 53 minutes, a woman or a child is raped, with seven in 10 victims of rape being children (CWR, 2016). Preys attract predators and predators are most attracted to the easiest ones to grab a hold of. With sexuality not being openly conversed about with the youth, sexually driven individuals turn to them as ways of letting out some steam. The youth are most likely to be the easiest access for sexual stimulations and satisfaction to people driven by arousal. Despite more than 37 laws, executive and administrative orders to protect women and children, the victims of violence are getting younger and the abusers are becoming bolder and harsher (Guan, 2016). Educating the youth about sex, its outcomes, and their rights to it is a crucial content nowadays to protect the youth and all
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