Egotism In Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World

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According to a survey conducted by the KFF about Obamacare, about half the public (49 percent) says they do not have enough information about the health reform law to understand how it will impact their own family. This lack of knowledge for an important health care reform law can be linked to a commonality among many Americans; too much extraneous information from society can result in egotistic perspectives. That is, citizens become to enthralled in daily news about celebrity gossip, sports, and close-minded events that they lose track of important current affairs- from social prejudices and societal issues to enacted laws like Obamacare. Aldous Huxley, the author of A Brave New World, envisioned this problematic normality in his dystopian …show more content…

An article written on egotism in America by Ryan Holiday speaks on the fact that the idea of ego has transpired over human history and today the conception of ego is captured over the internet. He states, “one of the things that social media taps into is precisely this dysfunction, because it gives us an audience that feels real, however contrived” (“Illing”). Holiday determines that this appearance of an “audience” from the use of social media is where people’s narcissistic behavior and egos are derived from. Social media, although a positive tool because it can easily connect citizens to world events and occurrences, has evolved during its existence into a detrimental means of communication when overused; increased connection to other people and daily news creates a self-centered experience for a user. Utilizing social media as a means of activism in a movement is also what grounds the passivity and unresponsive behavior in citizens because it allows the false sense that one is inspiring change from simply responding to a tweet. Huxley predicts this very consequence in the citizens of his novel, for their egos are not a result of utilization of social media but rather their conditioned

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