Control In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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As John mindlessly scrolls though his Facebook feed he never would suspect that what he is doing is sending his private information to Facebook, which per the terms and conditions which he didn’t read, allow Facebook to send his information to any other company for any reason they see fit. A frightening prospect is it not? Sadly, that is the frightening world that we live in today. This society is very similar to that of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Where in his satirical genius, he creates a monotonous world where the society is controlled from birth. The control exhibited within this society although it seems far off is much closer than one would expect with the control that the citizens within the society they live in not realising the …show more content…

It shows how they are almost forced to agree to these terms and conditions. With this control, you give Facebook you allow them the ability to target things towards you. If you look something up online Facebook will monitor it and will them produce ads based on what you have looked up. Which when looking into the book seems similar to the rampant consumerism that occurs with their everyday lives. The use of technology however is not the only thing similar to the brave new world. Well it’s not just the control that the apps allow us but what we do with the control in a social sense, and how continuing to use these services is leading to a trend of exclusion and shunning. When Huxley created the world within his novel he intentionally made the society seem ludicrous. However, over the time since writing the novel Huxley’s society is seeming less and less bizarre. In the novel, the things that are created within the test tubes are controlled when they are young babies. Whether it be through hypnopedia or by forceful conditioning. An example of the conditioning is when the babies are exposed to a bowl full of flower petals and books and once the babies go over to them the works cause an electric shock to go through the ground to make them not want to read books or look at

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