Electoral College Voting Analysis

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This paper contains information and proof as to why the Electoral College is unfair and unreliable. It explains how the people and the system is cheated, and provides past and present information on how this occurred. It speaks on how it has not taken account the voice of the citizens in the united states in many different ways. The paper argues on how and why we should abolish the Electoral College system of voting.

The foundation of the United States voting process has always been electoral; does it benefit the People of the United States is the question. Throughout time the electoral voting method has helped include the people’s votes toward those states but, not their states endgame. The votes of the majority (people) are not the main …show more content…

Most of the states are not “bound by state law and/or by state or party pledge to cast their vote for the candidate that wins the statewide popular vote...” Some states use laws such as California’s State Law – § 6906 but, “Twenty-seven states have laws on the books that require electors to vote for their party 's candidate if that candidate gets a majority of the state 's popular vote. In 23 states, no such laws apply…” (Soni) In what is now twenty-one states some being Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware and many more no such law forces the electors to pick the majority vote’s candidate. There have been cases in which the electoral vote completely disavows the people’s votes such as, in the year 2000 George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore by .51% he ended up still winning due to an electoral outcome of 271 to 266. This is also not the only time this has happened in the United States history books, using the Electoral College …show more content…

In 2012 218,959,000 people were eligible to vote and only 126,144,000 actually voted this outcome shows people don 't have belief their vote counts due to previous acts of the Electoral College. These non-voters adopting the mindset that they don’t matter or don’t count in the bigger picture; 13.4% 218,959,000 of these people not voting simply did not care on voting. The number one reason for people not voting is them believing their vote does not count and the Electoral College chooses the president either way. The concept of how the Electoral College works is not widely talked about it is mostly seen as being complex and people saying their vote doesn’t count anyways. This influences many voters to not even put up with registering to vote or ever voting at all. Most of these votes are coming from smaller states but, it is not fair that these smaller states with smaller electoral votes get the

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