Elizabeth Beardsley's What Is Philosophy?

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Philosophy is a combination of two Latin words; Philo standing for love and sophy meaning wisdom. When you combine the two root words it means the love of wisdom. Knowing the literal meaning of philosophy may help us understand what philosophy; but it does not state what philosophy undoubtedly is. Over the years, philosophy has had many meaning and interpretations. In my personal opinion philosophy is using reason and logic to solve simple or complex questions.
A husband and wife duo, Monroe Beardsley and Elizabeth Beardsley, wrote an article called “What is Philosophy?”. In the article, they talk about their ideology in philosophy. The Beardsley’s philosophical ideology is a combination of three key concepts: a base for a large range of beliefs and philosophical …show more content…

Philosophy does not have complete answers, which makes some folks frustrated (Russell, 14). Human beings want conclusions. If someone questions something and another person questions the same thing, but they both come up with a different solution to that same questions, they want to find out who is right. It is in human nature to want to know the truth. People almost always believe that the truth is the right answer. However, philosophy does not always have the right answer; which makes people avoid the concept of philosophy.
A true philosopher would relish the challenge of debating their beliefs. He or she would state that philosophy has created the sciences (Russel, 14). No natural science would have been made possible if there was not someone questioning an event. A philosopher would understand that in order to solve a problem he would need to use logic. So in essence, everyone uses philosophy. Humans are always questioning things, but once the questions become a definite answer then it stops being philosophy and turns into a science (Russel, 14). Philosophers can have different beliefs from one

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