Elizabeth Cady Argumentative Document Analysis

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This historical and extraordinary document was drafted by Elizabeth Cady Stanton at the convention for the women`s rights at Seneca Falls in New York on July 19 and 20, 1848.

This declaration is a political and written text, given its discursive nature
It was the beginning of the feminist movement in United States. In fact, it is believed this Declaration of Sentiments to be the first wave of american feminism, the first step to get rights for women and freedom as well.
Based on the Declaration of Independence of the United States (1776), Elizabeth Cady Stanton is showing the injustices and the needs of the american women to her country.

The 19th century was a period of rapid social change and experimentation for americans. New alternatives to traditional religion and new social movements …show more content…

Anthony and many others that the first feminist wave started asking for women’s rights. The women’s suffrage was a succeed, it took many years, though.
Yet, there were too many basic rights to achieve but there were many feminist to come and continue the struggle in the name of all women.
The Declaration of Sentiments could have not be more clear or sincere. With a direct, simple but intelligent language, it is easy to understand the main idea: equality. The examples taken from the Declaration of Independence with those changes are a brilliant way of expressing that idea and they really grab attention.
Words as “God” or “Creator” make me think that Elizabeth Cady was a religious person and at the same time she was clever, since with those words all religious persons would pay more attention to the text.
The Declaration of Independence, which announced the independence of thirteen american colonies from United Kingdom and the Declaration of Sentiments, which is demanding for freedom and equality between men and women, are both proof of human beings improvements. They changed the history of United

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