Eloi And The Morlocks In The Time Machine

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In The Time Machine the Time Traveller has a theory that the Eloi and the Morlocks have a master/ slave relationship. Eloi have machines to do their work. and Eloi and Morlocks evolvedfrom humans. These theories relate to Darwins theory of evolution.

In the novel The Time Machine, the Time Traveller believes the Eloi and the Morlocks have a master slave relationship, but in the end he comes to find Morlocks tend to Eloi like people would tend to certain animals. The clear intentions of using them for food. This is similar to Darwins theory that in nature, organisms are limited in their ability to survive, based on their surrounding climate changes the Morlocks have to find a way to survive somehow through changes, so they use Eloi as prey.

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