Process Essay: How Archaeology Changed Our Lives

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Archaeology is worth it
What is archaeology? Archaeology is the study of artifacts that was dug up, studying them to have an idea of what happened in the past. Archaeologists find clues to make different theories about different events. People ask the question; “Is archaeology worth it?” Some people think that archaeology is not worth. This is because it could be disrespectful to them when we dig up their ancestors and examine them. Well I think that archaeology is worth it because archaeology shows us civilizations in the past, archaeology helps you learn more about your beliefs and archaeology changed our lives.
Don’t you want to know about your past? Don’t you want to learn where YOU came from? Well archaeology shows us civilizations in the past. It gives us an idea of what it was like before, because we can find out what were the jobs of men and women. …show more content…

With archaeology we can learn about the present and future by discovering about the past. We can learn about the present and future through past because knowing our past would make us understand why we are here today. Your past and history or where you come from is the reason why you are in the position you are in now. Archaeology helped us know about the tools in the past that we still use in the modern day, but we modified them to make them better. Just like the gun and bow n’ arrow, first there was a bow and arrow, then a crossbow and in the modern day a gun. We also modified the axe by using different metals for the blade of the axe and changing them throughout the years. People in the past made a big impact in our life now, given an example of without the people the past we wouldn’t even be existing. Without knowing about their mistakes and their successes we would have had to go through their failures and sadness. Also if the past people never made any tools we wouldn’t have the things we use in the modern day, they influenced our culture and moral. (Direct

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