Teddy Rooselvelt Research Paper

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History helps us understand our past and detremine the future. It lets us know why our society is how it is today. How the world use to be compared to now, how lucky we are compared to way back when. The past causes the present, so the future. Hisotry is in every little thing you can think of. Every thing you say. Anything. High school students get loaded down with many of information on history and its importance, Teddy roosevelt and Aldof Hitlar were very important because they put a big indent on history. Teddy Rooselvelt was very important to the worlds history. Teddy was the 26th president and was the youngest to ever be swonrn in so far. He was one out of three of the progressive president. He was sworn in due to the assisantion of President Mckinley. Rooselvelt was nicknamed “trust buster due to him breaking up bad …show more content…

He had a program called the squre deal. He passed acts such as the meat inspection act, the pure food and drug act and the interstate commerserce commission. These acts made the community safe and made sure that everything was saniatary. He believed in making the country a better place and making our sociey better. He set aside 200 million acres for national forests, reservres and wild life refuges. They state he brought a new energy to the white house. Teddy rooselvelt was a big deal in history because he made national parks, passed many importantant laws and acts and helped society become a more sanitary place. Hitlar was another important person in history, but he had a different impact in history than rooselvelt did. Hitlar was a german politician who was a leader of the nazi party. With the nazi party he went to each town/ villiage and removed the jews from their homes. Put them into concentration camps, tourcherd them. He would put them into gas chambers, burn them alive, give them jobs to do that were hard. Make kids that were barely able to walk work, starve them, shoot

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