Mckinley Assassination Justified

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The Assassination of President William McKinley William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States, he did many things people agreed with such as leading us to victory in the Spanish- American war, raising protective tariffs to promote american industry and he also urged the annexation of Hawaii which proved to be a smart move for the U.S. Unfortunately not everyone agreed with his views and what he had done as a president and he was shot twice on September 6, 1901 while at the Pan-American Exhibition in Buffalo, New York by 28-year old anarchist Leon Czolgosz. A few, but not many may say that his assassination was justified but I believe it was extremely unjustified. President Mckinley did many great things while in office. He was also liked by many and won his reelection easily. In the text Assassinated by an Anarchist it says that McKinley was called “the most popular chief executive since Abraham Lincoln…” This shows that the people liked McKinley and that he did good things while in office because he was compared with the highly acclaimed President Abraham Lincoln. One of the great things he did is win the Spanish-American war of 1898. The president didn’t want to go to war …show more content…

Many disagreed with the raising of the tariffs, saying that they would help American manufacturing. The McKinley Tariff act was set in 1890. The official name for this act was “The tariff act of 1890.” “McKinley Tariff” (Wikipedia) This resulted in the average increase of tax across duties across all imports from 38% to 49.5%. President McKinley was known as the “Napoleon of protection.” The fact that McKinley was trying to improve our country is a very prominent reason that William Mckinley 's assassination was

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