Medicine In The Ancient World

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Mankind has seen the rise and fall of many prominent civilizations throughout human history, but the most influential civilization to all of human history were the Ancient Egyptians. The civilization of Ancient Egypt thrived throughout the Nile River from 3300 BC to around 300 B.C. when Alexander the Great conquered it. Throughout these 3000 years, the Ancient Egyptians contributed various inventions and knowledge that is still used today. Ancient Egyptians contributed mathematics, astronomy, medicine, astronomy, and the invention of various inventions that are seen in our everyday lives. These inventions include glass, paper, ink, clocks, and even calenders; these inventions would, of course, be innovated as time went on to the ones that we…show more content…
In the ancient world, the life expectancy was about 40 to 50 years old; the people of the ancient world turned to Egypt for help when it came to medicine considering the fact that they had the most advanced medicine and doctors in the ancient world. Of course, the inventions and innovations from the Ancient Egyptians had an effect on the contemporary world we live in today. Medicine was a very important practice for the Ancient Egyptians due to their cleaniness and their fear of illness, doctors were also shamans in Ancient Egypt because it was believed that illness came from an angry god or an evil spirit. Ancient Egyptians were keen with helping warriors or workers who were wounded on the job, Ancient doctors used various plants for pain thus creating the very first painkillers, which today we still have in various forms. Egyptians knew the difference from plants and knew what was poisonous and what was not, if this knowledge they would take the good herbs and plants then add some other foreign elements to make medicine. This form of making medicine is still alive and well in 3rd world countries and in contemporary society. With today’s technological advances, we have been creating prosthetic limbs with ease and as the technology advances with every passing year we’ll be getting closer to prosthetic limbs that move with our nerves like the ones seen in “Star Wars”, but before we had these technological advancements the Ancient Egyptians were creating prosthetic limbs for people who needed them. The Ancient Egyptians innovated and created medicine back then in a sense that is still felt in our contemporary world, dentistry, physicans, doctors, and pharmacists all orginated or innovated in Ancient Egypt. The world we live in today would be very different without Ancient Egypt, we have them to thanks for many things in our everyday

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