Mesopotamia And Egypt Study Guide

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Review Question #1 The Ancient Egyptian culture dates all the way back to 5500 BCE to the time where there were pharos that ruled the lands. Ancient Egypt is one of the very first recorded civilizations with a very distinct way of life. They have traditions that have been passed down and influenced other cultures around the world. The earliest records of Ancient Mesopotamia culture dates back to around 3100 BCE. Mesopotamia had four different empires that was included in it. Those four empires were Assyria, Akkadia, Sumer and Babylonia. The four of those empires were in the lands of what today is known as Iraq. When it comes to religion, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia have both similarities and differences. In the Egyptian culture religion was included in everything they did. Life revolved around religion to them, because life was seen as …show more content…

When it comes to advances I would say that the Egyptians have the Mesopotamians beat in the sense that they were able to invent more and have more things that other cultures were able to use in different eras. The Egyptians created the Papyrus, which is their version of paper. They used this when they were writing letters, stories and writing down their history. Mesopotamia used reeds as their writing tools and they wrote things down on clay that was soften and made into tablets. Although, the Mesopotamians wrote down stories that would later be translated into what is known today as the Hebrew writings that make up the Old Testament. The Egyptians created several different systems that were used for constructing pyramid. One of those system would be the ramp and lever pully system and this allowed them to place bricks and stones on top of each other with ease. Another Advancement that helped the Egyptians with construction was mathematics and astronomy, and they were very good at

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