Compare And Contrast Egyptian And Mayans

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With both civilizations being developed around 3500 BC, there are many similarities and differences between the Egyptians and the Mayans. The Egyptians developed their empire in Northeast Africa, which affected the way they farmed and built their cities. The Mayans developed their civilization in MesoAmerica, which influenced their culture differently from the Egyptians. The farming techniques, architecture, and religion were all influenced by the environment they lived in. Although there were some similar farming techniques between the two civilizations, there were many more differences. The Mayans had to deal with extremely wet plains and rough mountains. They built terraces, raised beds, and canals to irrigate water and make use of all the farming space possible. Meanwhile in Egypt, they also built canals to irrigate water from nearby rivers. However, they farmed on dry plains which meant there was no need for farmers to build good farm land. …show more content…

The Egyptians had gods for every aspect of their lives and afterlives. Although the Mayans had many gods, they also practiced Animism. Both cultures had places for rituals and ceremonies. The gods they believed in were different from each other and some were worshiped more than others. With very few differences, the religious aspects of both cultures influenced both cultures equally. The Egyptians and Mayans had many similarities and differences. Each was affected differently by their surroundings, yet their religious beliefs were very similar. This affected how each empire would grow, eventually collapse, and influence the future. Both architecture styles were used by settlers who took over the massive empires and farming techniques are still used till this day. However, the spiritual beliefs of both cultures were not passed down. In conclusion, the Egyptians and Mayans both impacted this world in major ways, but were impacted themselves by the land they lived

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