Impact Of Religion In Ancient Egypt

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Religion was one of the most important and influential aspect of the ancient Egyptians’ lives. Religious impact affected almost everything in Ancient Egypt from the most important to very minor thing. Ancient Egyptian literature, philosophy, art and also governance had religious sense. Egyptian religion developed from simple polytheism to philosophic monotheism. Ancient Egyptian religion also has a great influence on government, medicine, art, and by means of these factors influenced Egyptians as well. The religious beliefs centered on the worship of numerous deities who signified various features of ideas, nature and purposes of power. Religion played a part in every aspect of the lives of the ancient Egyptians because life on earth was seen as only one part of an eternal journey, and in order to continue that journey after death, one needed to live a life worthy of continuance. So, the information about what did religion affect and how did religion affect the lives of the ancient Egyptians will be provided in this paper. First of all the belief in many gods and goddesses was crucial part of everyday life in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that people and nature are ruled by powerful gods. As Taylor says in his book “Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt”, the Egyptians believed that the universe consisted of three types of beings: the gods, the living, and the dead. Egyptians connected everything happening in their life in terms of relationship between

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