Emily Dickinson

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Compare and Contrast We Grow Accustomed to the Dark and Acquainted With the Night Based on Emily Dickinson’s and Robert Frost’s biography, the two poets struggled a lot while writing this poem which enhances the poem to a mush superior level. Emily Dickinson’s “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark” and Robert Frost’s “Acquainted With the Night”, in particular both poems talks about uncertainty of life but Emily Dickinson presents darkness more than Frost through point of view, symbol and structure. There are many possible contributing factors to the point of view of the two poems. Emily Dickinson uses first person plural, as evidenced in multiple lines, “We”. She makes it clear when she also uses uncertainty in a universal way because of “We”. Dickinson is also so critical about her emotions and feeling in the poem by expressing:” The Bravest – grope a little.” (Emily Dickinson 13). This means that she is talking about how the bravest people also get scared. This is associated to the point of view, when she tells about all of us are brave but we tingle a little by using “We”. On the other hand, Robert Frost only talks about himself, which makes it first person, by seeing at the poem, “I”. The use of “I” makes it first person and he consistently talks about himself in the poem. These are linked with uncertainty of life through the point of view of both poems. In addition this makes the poem heavier about the uncertainty of life by the point of view and symbol. It is important to
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