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“What book are you reading this week?” I asked my new friend, Emma. “Oh, I’m just reading Harry Potter,” she replied, not lifting her head up to look at me. With the start of middle school, I had few friends on top of transferring to a new school. So when I spotted Emma on the first day of school, reading a book amongst a vast sea of white polo shirts and navy blue shorts and skirts, I knew she was going to be one of my new friends. At that time, I did not particularly like reading because my parents always forced me to read over the summer. Like most children, I would have rather liked to have been playing outside. But as the months and years progressed at Notre Dame de Sion, Emma and I shaped a beautiful friendship around literature. At the start …show more content…

When we both finally purchased our copies, I read much faster than Emma. Then one night during the summer before sophomore year, I started to read at around eight at night. I then heard my phone buzz. I knew that it was Emma texting me about the book. She told me that she was reading it too, but she was at least 200 pages behind me. So for the next six hours, we texted each other back and forth about the novel and how we thought the plot would be unfolded. .I tried my best not to spoil anything while Emma tried to catch up to me. We then finished reading for the night at around three in the morning. We had barely put a dent in the nearly 900 page book. We then read the rest of the book together in the same fashion as that night but at more appropriate hours.
When we both finished the book, we realized that the theme of the series described our friendship perfectly. The theme is that one’s family is not just whom they are related to, but whom the love and care for. Emma and I are best friends and we view each other as family, much like how the main characters became one family at the end of the

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