Essay On Acceptance Therapy

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is unlike any common therapy that you’ve ever heard of. Rather than relieving the symptoms that cause the psychological suffering, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) works to control the emotional distress that is building up inside one’s self. The ground-breaking form of therapy has been tested on psychological disorders such as OCD and anxiety, and was proven to be effective especially to those who were suffering from schizophrenia. While most forms of therapy works to deter people from their issues, ACT works to help you heal and accept the issues that the person may be suffering from. For someone who may be dealing with emotional stress, thoughts and feelings may be an obstacle that they must face and ACT …show more content…

ACT stresses the importance of mindfulness, trying to make its main priority that the person who is seeking therapy, will become aware of the issue at stake. Being fully aware and accepting of your issue, whether it be anxiety or depression, is extremely important for the ACT therapy to truly take effect. Thanks to the ACT founder, Steven Hayes, the effective form of therapy was created in 1986. In order for the ‘third wave’ therapy to have come about, there had to have been the first and second waves. While the first and second wave were shown to be efficient, neither compared to the third wave. Steven Hayes is also responsible for the Relational Frame Theory, which is the relating of things and the ability to mentally tie things together in order to gain a better understanding. A majority of therapies around the world make it their main priority to eliminate the symptom, which ACT believes does not help the patient at all but instead, works against them and creates an even bigger problem. ACT welcomes the feelings that come with the struggles of a psychological disorder and uses its own power against

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