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Piedad Molina Professor Ana Hernandez LIT 2480 October 7, 2015 Culture is the set of traditions, beliefs, and values, which are characteristic of a certain population. Each country or region has different parameters to determine their culture. The predominant values in the population, the language spoken, religious beliefs, and the way they dress; all these manners influence in the creation of a culture and what is autonomous of its region. Within a country we can find different cultures or ethnicities, social status, education and region make a population differ from another. The exchange of cultural ideas, beliefs, and values with the youngest members of the community make it possible for a culture to survive and to keep the legacy. Home is the first school we attend and our parents are the first teachers we have. Since the moment we learn to talk and eat, we are receiving direct influence from our parents or family members. As humans beings, we learn through the imitation …show more content…

Dee. No, Mama, she says. Not 'Dee, ' Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo! What happened to 'Dee? I wanted to know. She 's dead, Wangero said. I couldn 't bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me. (Walker 318) Although Wangero uses the oppression of her people as a reason to reject her roots. Later on Walker let us see that she really disliked her culture and did not want to feel attached to it. To conclude, Culture is what gives meaning to the acts of man, from the way we eat, to the way we live, it is what regulates our daily actions and where the values arise. it is important that we feel proud of our culture and learn to practice the best of it. Also, it is important that we learn to respect ourselves as people and never do anything which we believe is inappropriate. We have to respect other cultures if we want others to respect ours. Lastly, we must understand that sometimes we have to change some features of our culture to give chance to new and fairer

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