Engro Fertilizer Case Study

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1. Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach: 1.1. Introduction: To measure the performance of an entity, financial and non-financial both analysis are carried out. This is because financial and business (non-financial) performance both are proportional to each other, fluctuation in one impacts other. Only financial analysis can’t justify actual position of an entity. Non-financial analysis does not only identify the current strategic position of an entity but also provdies a closer view of long term strategies and future financial performance of an entity. This project includes an assessment of financial and business performance of Fauji Fertilizer Company limited from FY2012 to FY2014 and its comparison with Engro Fertilizers Company through application of…show more content…
Rivalry exist b/w the two companies. For comparison Engro seemed to be suitable competitor of FFCL, also it was inappropriate to compare the largest fertilizer manufacturer with smaller units. 1.3. Project objective: • Critically evaluate the financial and business performance to check if FFC is performing better than its competitor. • Evaluate the financial performance through ratio analysis. • Determine the strategic position of FFCL through SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. • Determine the competitive position of FFC in the fertilizer industry of Pakistan through application of Porter’s 5 forces model. • Suggest recommendations for the further improvement of financial and business performance of FFCL. 1.4 Research questions • What problems are faced by fertilizer industry? • What is the current financial performance of FFCL against its competitor Engro Fertilizer limited and also over the period of three

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