Ernest Hemingway's Effect On American Literature

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Throughout history, there have been many events where it had a significant impact on the nation, society, or an individual. During the early 1900s, when World War I occurred, in the United States the theme of work of literatures changed due to the impact of the event. Specifically, World War 1 had its mark on the works of Ernest Hemingway.
World War I was a prominent event that had a major effect on American literature itself and authors. Due to different chain of events, such as alliances within foreign countries and the death of Franz Ferdinand, it sparked the global war between the allies, including Britain, France, and Russia, and the central powers including Germany and Austria- Hungary. Because Germany sank a ship which belonged to America …show more content…

During this war, because of the advancement in weaponry and technology, the excessive amount of death was a supreisment to the different powers. Specifically, the global war took the life of more than 9 million soldiers and wounded more than 21 million (“World War I history”). In addition, there were about 20 million civil casualties. Although the United States weren’t the who was affected the most in death, the war had an impact on American literature (Dayton). During the war, the American literature started off by author having their perspective on the idea of United States entering the war, which eventually change because of the involvement. Most importantly, World War I plays a significant role on the United States. Clearly, it can be seen that the global war has become a part of the literature in United States.
In addition, before knowing the impact of the war on Ernest Hemingway, it is important to understand how he came about. First of all, Ernest Hemingway, the son of Clarence and Grace Hemingway, was born on July 21, 1899 in Cicero, Illinois, but was raised in a conservative …show more content…

In works, such as A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises, the characters are soldiers. For instance, in A Farewell to the Arms, the protagonist,Frederic Henry, was an American soldier who fought for Italy (Church 59). In the passage, Henry is an ambulance driver who is always in and out of combat zone. During the war, Frederic was injured in the knee by a mortar, which changed his life. Most importantly, the story of the protagonist is similar to Ernest Hemingway life story with him being injured in a war which had an major impact. In addition, it is stated how in A Farewell to Arms, Trevor Dodman argues how Fredric ‘suffers from the compulsion to remember and retell his traumatic past from the standpoint of a survivor both unable and perhaps unwilling to put that very past into words” (Church 59). On other hand, Ernest Hemingway while recovering his war injuries, he suffered depression. Also, it was states how his body and mind were also beginning to betray him. Both Frederic Henry and Ernest Hemingway suffered from the inability to move on from the past. They both were so focused on how their past affected them that soonly their brain and body did it for them. The event of World War I had an impact on his work because his character began to be in situation like his was. They shared many similarities with the way they loved their life because of the impact of the war. In addition, in

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