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World War I, or the Great War, was a major international conflict that began in 1914, that was fought between the Central and Allied Powers—the main countries in the Central Powers being Germany, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary, while the main countries in the Allied Powers were France, Great Britain, and Russia. However, the United States, which didn’t take part in the war for a few years, decided not to get involved in the war and its alliance system since the war posed no danger to the U.S. It remained that way until the U.S. began to realize the effects of the war after attacks from Germany, where lives were threatened and property was destroyed. When the U.S. joined the war, its contribution to the Allies made a major impact, both militarily and economically, during and even …show more content…

The conflict stopped in 1918, and the president at the time, President Woodrow Wilson, was essential in the process of creating a treaty with the Central Powers—while Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire fought against the Allies, most of the consequences fell on the Germans. An excerpt of the Treaty of Versailles is included in document 7, and it details restrictions placed upon Germany’s army in the years to come, such as a limit to the number of soldiers, the number of officers, and the number of divisions the army is allowed to be composed of. The German army was also ordered to maintain order in Germany and the frontiers only. Germany was a country that focused heavily on militarism, a system that placed importance on building the country’s army, and limiting their military would hinder Germany a great deal. This treaty was made to prevent further conflict with Germany since the Allies agreed that Germany was the one who started the conflict. Through the Treaty of Versailles, the U.S. contribution to WW1 ultimately led to a fragile peace within the European

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