Ernest Hemingway's Excerpt From The Old Man And The Sea

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The passage on page 93, to page 95 is an excerpt from the old man and the sea a novel by Ernest Hemingway. This section of the book is where Santiago finally catches the fish he has been with for days. There is a lengthy description of how Santiago kills him with all his strength and lets his heart bleed into the sea. Ernest Hemingway portrays the twisted relationship between the man and the fish with literary techniques. He portrays this relationship through the use of imagery, structure, and paradox.

Throughout the entire passage, imagery is a constant. It is used to not only create images in your mind, but to also bond you to the man, the fish, and their relationship. Hemingway deliberately uses words and sentence structures so that
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Throughout the text, the author uses structure to bring important sections to attention and to differentiate between the emotions and perspectives Santiago is having. In the passage, the fish is either referred to as “the fish”, or “him”. Depending on which Hemingway uses has an impact on the emotions attached to the fish. When the fish is referred to as he or him, it is almost as though he is a human and that strengthens the bond between Santiago and the fish. Santiago is persevering the fish as someone like him, as more of a brother than a fish in the sea. However, at times he reverts back to referring to the fish as “the fish”. This may imply the moments when Santiago needs his inner strength to kill the fish and accept its death. If he continued to refer to the fish as he, he would still feel that connection to him and it was important for him to momentarily let go of that sense of connection, and stick the harpoon through the fish’s heart. These important additions of structure can be used as a perfect demonstration of the relationship between the man and fish. If the man were not so closely connected to the fish he would have no need to call it him, and he would especially not need to momentarily start calling him “the fish” in order to kill him. While the structure is not the first element of a text that most people analyze, once discovered it often brings the purpose of the text into

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