The Fury Of Overshoes Analysis

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The Fury of Overshoes Anne sexton The poem is written in first person and in a free verse. The poem does not have a specific order, and the reader cannot find a pattern, in which the author organizes the poem. The rows does not rhyme and they are short. The poem seems to be from the point of view of an adult, who reflects on her childhood memories. The theme is the difficulties during the growing up period, and the wish to be one of the ' 'big people ' '. The beginning of the poem describes the setting, which is a place outside a kindergarten since the author uses the word ' 'the ' ', it can be argued that she refers to her own kindergarten. This description seems to remind the reader of his own childhood memories. As a person, who …show more content…

In order to transfer her theme the author also uses simile, for instance, ' 'the tears running down like mud ' ' to emphasize that those tears are not positive tears, but negative tears like mud, which is unpleasant. It makes the reader understand that the protagonist 's childhood period is not easy and depressing. She also uses personification in her writing, for example, ' 'The Fury of Overshoes ' ', the title describes a fury, which is an emotion. Emotions are human qualities, and overshoes cannot express fury. The use of personification is common in children. Therefore, this use conveys a feeling that a child wrote the poem. In addition, the narrator reminds the fish the time, in which it could not swim. If the reader reads this sentence, he will not understand it since there is not a fish that cannot swim. Nevertheless, if the reader reads it as a metaphor, he will understand the meaning behind it. It seems that the fish is actually the child, which could not walk at the beginning of his life. This metaphor conveys the helplessness that the child feels during this period. He feels like a fish that cannot swim. Moreover, the author uses imagery to make the reader feel the child 's anxiety, ' 'Under your bed sat the wolf and he made a shadow when cars passed by at night ' '. The child has a wolf under her bed, but she cannot do anything. The wolf, which sat under the bed, also seems to be a symbol. It seems to represent the monsters under the bed,

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