Essay About Fake News

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Truth is the state of being accord with a fact. Truth is very important in our society, though sometimes it can be hard to find. It is a big part of the media and our life everyday because people get their news from online, watching it on T.V, or reading it in a newspaper or magazine, because they expect that information to be true. Some fake news stories can be written and published in stories by major news sources by mistake, which can lead to the spreading of lies and more people twisting the truth. Fake news changes our decisions in many different ways but there are ways to recognize what is fake news and what is real. People who write fake news have certain reasons on why they want to post things that affect our lives everyday. Most people who write fake news have a reason for spreading the faulty, untrue facts. Most people writing satire are in it for the money. Whether it is to earn some extra money or to pay for something like schooling, people have taken to the internet to write fake news that will catch the eyes of others. Once the fake news is seen and shared, ad companies begin buying spaces on websites visited by a large amount of people. The authors…show more content…
However, while the authors of these fake news stories continue to post articles to make money, and convince us of opinions different than our own, we are creating new ways to recognize fake news and stop it from spreading. These new ways to recognize fake news include, checking an author, checking a source, and reading the whole article before believing the headline. While fake news may also be able to change our decisions and opinions, as long as we understand how to recognize fake news, we can stop it. Truth is important in the media because it has a wide effect on us when we see fake news and share the stories until everyone has heard them. This is why fake news should be stopped and no longer be shared so it will not impact our lives
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