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have chosen to compare the celebrations of New Year between Uzbekistan and Great Britain. New Year is celebrated around the world, but differently, because every country has its own traditions and the styles for celebrating holidays. In Uzbekistan people always wait for New Year and like to celebrate the holiday. Especially children like the holiday very much. The snowman and snow girl come and bring various gifts for children who learn a poem by heart.In Great Britain New Year begins on 25th December. In our country the real New Year is celebrated in March. It is called Navruz. In Muslim religion New Year should be celebrated on the 21st march. In ancient period 13rd January the prayers of Christian, the population of UK used to celebrate…show more content…
The English people also decorate the fir tree and the house with light lamps. The New Year is celebrated in Uzbekistan in the evening of December 31 to the morning of January 1. The women of Uzbeks get prepared for the holiday during all day. They cook delicious meals, sweets and salads. Before coming the New Year they lay the table and put all things which they have prepared. The holiday cake is situated in the middle of the table. It may be so big that can be enough for every member of the family. The drinks are also put on the table. Rarely there will be alcohol drinks and the women and the children do not drink. It is not appropriate to the rules of our religion, that’s why women and sometimes men also do not drink. English people also celebrate New Year on 31st December until 1st January. They also lay the table but they do not decorate the table so luxuriously as Uzbek people. Only one or two kind of meals is prepared and there might be a holiday cake or any kind of sweet. The main attention is given to drinks. English men and also women like to drink alcohol drinks very much. If a English women drinks it is not shame for

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