Essay Comparing The Articles Of Confederation To The US Constitution

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Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the Articles of Confederation to the U.S. Constitution. Have at least 3 examples for each section of the diagram.
Both established by the same people, and stated that no state could declare war without consent of the other states. Both allowed slaves, and had elected representatives. The Articles of Confederation loosely tied the states together, while the Constitution was more of a centralized government. There was an army under the Constitution while the Articles of Confederation did not have an army. The Articles allowed each state to come up with their own trading laws. The Constitution had one trade law for all thirteen states.

# 2 How do you believe the make up the delegates at the Constitutional Convention influenced the creation of the Constitution? Delegates from smaller states wanted a government of equal representation, while delegates from larger states wanted representation based on population. The Senate and the …show more content…

They were for the “common man” and supported farmers. People that supported Jacksonian Democracy believed in a strong separation between church and state, were anti-elitists, and didn’t have a good relationships with the indians. It was not truly good for all “common man”. If you were a white man, you were benefitted. The indians, slaves, and women were hurt by Jacksonian Democracy.

#8 What is the relationship between slavery and westward expansion? The relationship between the two would be direct. Every time Western territories wanted to be states, the discussion of slavery came up. The North wanted the new states to be free, while the South wanted the new states to be slave states. Slavery was a huge topic that was talked about before territories became states and the west expanded.

#9 How does the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the use of popular sovereignty lead to the violence that becomes known as “bleeding

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