Us Constitution Vs Iroquois Constitution Essay

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The United States Constitution and the Iroquois Constitution both have many similarities and differences. However, the Iroquois Constitution came a couple centuries before the United States Constitution, so some of the ideas that were in the Iroquois Constitution are now included in the United States Constitution. But this does not mean these constitutions are the same, and this paper is going to help explain some of the ways they differ and share ideas. The first of the similarities is how the Iroquois have what they call the " Tree of Great Peace." This compares to what we have with the three branches of government. Because as United State citizens we must obey the laws that are created by the three branches of our government. This is the same with the Iroquois as they must abide by the laws created by the Tree of …show more content…

In the United States, if the president is to become ill and can no longer fulfill his duties, then the vice president will step up and take over. With the Iroquois, if a lord is to die, then the council shall adjourn for ten days then console on the tenth. After that the women heirs to the lordship title shall appoint a successor. The main symbols also differ. For the Iroquois, A large bunch of shell strings is considered the main symbols; however, in the United States, the American flag is considered the main symbol. Also, the Iroquois constitution was never officially written as the United States Constitution was. One of the big differences is that the Iroquois Confederacy is made up of five groups, or nations. In the United States, it is one whole nation, as the Pledge of Allegiance states. So, there are many differences and similarities between these two constitutions, and they share some ideas. Without the Iroquois Constitution, the United States Constitution may have not been written the same, if at all. These comparisons and contrasts with the Iroquois constitution are what helped mold our country

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