Causes And Flaws Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The Constitution was a document that was written by our Founding Fathers. It defines what our government is and what it does. It is the basic blueprint for all the laws in the country and it provides the three branches of the U.S government the power it needs to rule this nation effectively. But the Constitution wasn’t always how it is now, it used to be called the Articles of Confederation and it had many problems that are no longer present in our current Constitution.

All of the issues in the Articles of Confederation were resolved in the Constitution. For example, under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had zero power to tax, regulate trade between the states or enforce laws. This problem was fixed in the Constitution because it had the U. S ruled by a strong central government that could tax, regulate trade and enforce laws. The Articles of Confederation also had many weaknesses like having no national army or currency. This was fixed by the Constitution because now, there is a national army and a national currency (dollars). The last difference/problem was that the government previously had no Legislative branch, Executive branch and no national court system. Now there is a supreme court (Judicial branch), a president (Executive branch) and two houses of Congress (Legislative branch). …show more content…

Some similarities that the two documents share is the fact that both documents granted Congress the power to declare war and make treaties. In addition, the documents allowed the government to coin and borrow money. Laws could also be made under the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. So in conclusion, even though both documents had some similarities and differences, both helped to shape our current government in different

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