Similarities Between The Articles Of Confederation And The Us Constitution

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Kamora Hargrove
Ms. O´Toole
Social Studies
31 March 2023 Article of Confederation & US Constitution
The Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution have lots of similarities and differences. They both had their strengths and weaknesses that made it a truly unique part of America's history! Some are bigger than others and some are very tiny differences or similarities. Both the Articles of Confederation and the US constitution were made around the same time which means they can have their differences and problems with each other.
Some similarities that the Articles of Confederation and the US constitution have are that they were written by the same person, both were the official government of the United States, and both were the laws of the United States. The articles of confederation and the US constitution were considered official laws. Which means, it was obeyed by …show more content…

The articles of confederation were weak in the central government and the states having significant power. The article of confederation can only request states pay taxes. No bill of rights either. Money inflates, and they cannot pay back loans for bad credit. They also had difficulty for the new nation to repay their debts from the revolutionary war. There were no executive and non-judicial, two of the three branches of government we have today as a system of checks and balances. But, on the other hand, The Constitution is doing way better than the Article of confederation. The Constitution has a strong central government, States have delegated powers, and the Federal government has sovereignty. They also have 3 branches of government which are the legislative, executive, and judicial while the articles of confederation only have one branch which is the legislative branch. They have the power to tax and regulate interstate National

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