Essay On Anticipatory Grief

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Anticipatory grief is the form of grief that occurs when there is an opportunity to anticipate the death of a loved one (or oneself). It is different from unanticipated grief in the amount of time to "look forward" to death and in its form. It may be affected by such things as the duration and pattern of the illness, by concurrent stresses (financial, social, physical, emotional, developmental, etc.), periods of uncertainty and (sometimes dreaded) certainty, interactions with sometimes incomprehensible medical personnel, varying support from others. Anticipatory grief involves life from the past, present and that of the future for both the patient and their loved ones.

In anticipatory grief the life of the patient and their family is re-examined; the closeness of relationships, life accomplishments and the anticipation of missed family events. It is preparing for a …show more content…

The impending loss frequently intensifies the attachment to the dying person, causing an increase in concern for what they should or shouldn't do to comfort them. In contrast, anticipatory grief is a time for the gradual release of the dying person; saying "good-bye", "I love you", or "I forgive you".

This period of grief before death is beneficial in preparing one emotionally and is a time to resolve old issues.
Chronic grief is grieving that lasts for a prolonged or extended period of time. There does not seem to be any significant reduction in emotional distress. It does not seem to end or decrease in severity across time.
A person who is experiencing this continues to feel extreme distress. This person’s loss feels as fresh as when it first happened even though some time has passed.
Some experts contend that those people who were overly dependent on the deceased are more likely to suffer from this disorder. They keep their bereavement close as a way of hanging on to their loved

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