Aristotle's Ethos Pathos Logos

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Benefits of Aristotle’s Three Appeals Authors will a lot of the time use Aristotle’s three appeals to get a point across to the reader. An author may use the pathos appeal to persuade their reader’s through their feeling. Another appeal authors use to get the reader’s attention is the logos appeal which has to do with facts and statistics convincing a reader of the author’s point. Also, an author will often use the ethos appeal, which can appeal the reader by showing off people with certain skill sets or people that are well known in their society. Authors will most defiantly use Aristotle’s three appeals in their writing to show individuals and their society why technology can be very beneficial to them. One way that authors use Aristotle’s three appeals to show that technology is beneficial to individuals and society, is through emotions. When trying to appeal to someone’s emotions, an author may use the pathos appeal. The pathos appeal is often used to bring out the reader’s feelings or to appeal to the reader’s emotions. An author can show how technology such as cell phones can bring people together and make them really happy. An author can also show how technology can save a person’s life due to advanced medical equipment. When a reader see’s the happiness in what they are …show more content…

Using pathos, logos or ethos can help a writer show the reader how beneficial technology can be to them. Aristotle’s three appeals are usually used by authors to reach the reader in a certain way or in this case, showing the benefits of technology. It is also very common that a writer use all three of Aristotle’s appeals in the same piece of writing that they work on. Therefore, authors will very often use Aristotle’s three appeals to show individuals and the societies that they live in, that technology is beneficial to them in many

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