Atacama Humanoid Anthropology

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I believe that the Atacama Humanoid is in fact some form of the human race rather than it being an extra-terrestrial being. This essay will prove that the Humanoid will one day be classified as a human and no longer an extra-terrestrial being. Time and technology will allow us to do so. Firstly, I will discuss how it is impossible that the Atacama Humanoid could have been a grown human due to its body size and proportions. Secondly, I will explain how with the advanced technology of today, results have shown that even though there are similarities, there are vast disparities as well. However there are many people who believe it might be a mutated human or a mummified foetus rather than an extra-terrestrial being. As technology develops , it…show more content…
We have technology that can examine the DNA of humans and compare it to DNA from other living organisms. Darwin’s theory is that humans are the result of evolution from the ape. With the world ever developing , the theory is that the ape developed into a Neanderthal and the finally into a human. This theory may be believable, as according to Dr. Nolan in Greer’s article “Neanderthals are 99.5% genetically identical to humans, and chimps and apes are 96-97% identical” – this shows that there are similarities between humans and both Neanderthals and apes , however the majority of people disagree with this theory as they say there is too much of a difference. This is what people feel when the statistics show similarity of a minimum of 96% similar. Dr. Lachamn reported that the DNA tests showed a result of 91% similarity, whilst Dr. Nolan confirming that the 9% is “approximately 2 million base pairs of DNA that are un-matched”, this shows the vast disparity between the Humanoid and a Human. Where a human and an ape only have 2-4% difference, the Atacama Humanoid has 9% difference. The results concluding the fact the Humanoid is not of human race but rather an extra-terrestrial…show more content…
Nolan contradicts himself in the video where he is giving us a view on the Atacama Humanoid. Dr. Nolan states in an interview “Thus any speculation you hear from me in the movie (Sirius) is a “Point in time”- and you will even hear me contradict my own conclusion later in the documentary as new data is revealed”. This shows that every day the answer might be changing as with new technology, we are able to research more into the Atacama Humanoid. By Dr. Nolan admitting to the Sirius movie depicting information at a “point in time” it shows that, the information he reported may have changed since then. “Yes, I expect that the DNA analysis will end with this being a human” shows that now with technology ever developing which results in new evidence appearing all the time, the Atacama Humanoid will be considered as a human rather than an extra-terrestrial being.
“Now scientists at Stanford University have carried out conclusive DNA tests which have found the remains are those of a mutated human” -David McCormack published in the Daily Mail- this then shows that in fact , with the development of technology and research that Atacama Humanoid is in fact of a human race.
Therefore the Atacama Humanoid is considered to be a human rather than an extra-terrestrial being. Time is what depicts the Humanoid, not so long ago is was a mystery as to what origins the Humanoid is of. However nowadays the studies show that the Humanoid is in fact a human and not an extra-terrestrial
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