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1. WHAT IS BYSTANDER INTERVENTION? Bystander intervention (BI) is a primary prevention strategy that empowers bystanders to actively intervene, either directly or indirectly, when they see, hear, or otherwise recognize signs of inappropriate behaviors or unsafe situations to prevent harm. BI seeks to empower Sailors of all ranks to step up and step in when they interpret events or behaviors counter to Navy’s core values and the Navy ethos. Bystander Intervention to the Fleet (BI2F) has brought bystander intervention awareness, terminology, and techniques to the entire fleet. Servicemembers also receive BI training at “A” school and in leadership training. For more information on the SAPR Program, visit:

2. GOVERNMENT MIILITARY TRAINING (GMT) APPLICATIONS (APPS). Two new mobile apps designed for Sailors to complete required Navy General Military Training (GMT) on Records Management (RM) and Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Awareness became available April 19, 2016. To find the free Navy apps, search "Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information" "PII" and "Records …show more content…

CHART THE COURSE. Chart the Course (CTC) training is designed to empower Sailors to recognize professional and responsible behavior, and inspire them to work and live in accordance with the Navy Core Values and Navy Ethos. Training will serve as a Navigation Plan to help Sailors recognize admirable decision-making and professional behavior when faced with challenging circumstances and/or situations. CTC training will commence Fleet-wide in Jan 2016. The CTC Task Force will deploy Master Mobile Training Teams (MMTT) to Fleet areas to train unit-level Command Facilitators (CF). Command-level training will consist of peer-led, small group discussions facilitated by CFs. All Sailors must complete this training no later than 30 September

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