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When people think of Chile, South America they think of the food source of chili but the place Chile has so much more to it than the label of chili. Chile has volcanoes, monuments, and mountain you can climb. Some examples are Valle da la Luna, San Cristobal Hill, and Torres Del National Park. The main language people of Chile speak is Spanish. There are a lot of farming to produce fresh fruits and vegetables. There climate can go from cold and raining too hot and dry. There are a lot of tourism that go and visit the popular places like mountain ranges and National parks of Chile. Location is the where of a place or an area. There are two types of location. One being is absolute location. An example of absolute location is Chile, South America. Chile is located 35.7⁰S, 71.5⁰W. Another type of location is relative location. For example, the relative…show more content…
For this topic, the weather plays a big part in the interactions. Sheep farmers find it the best time to start when it is cold and rainy. Also during the cold and raining weather farmers raise fresh water fish like salmon. For energy sources the people of Chile use volcanoes for heat sources. The people of Chile do work in factories that pollute the land and water. Most of their pollution is in the city capitol which is Santiago, Chile. Movement is how people migrate or the transportation types. People usually go to Chile for the jobs and the land. People who move to Chile are farmers who buy land and sell fresh fruits and vegetables or are animal farmers, but for tourism its completely different. Tourist go to Chile to see all of the mountain ranges, monuments, and National Parks. Tourist also go to see the cities and/or taste the food types. Another kind of movement in Chile are the imports and exports of Chiles productions. Chileans import petroleum products, chemicals, and natural gases. Some exports are minerals, fruits, and
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