Essay On Cosmological Argument

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An Ontological argument is an argument that concludes with accepting the existence of God, from evidence, which is supposed to originate from a source, other than, that of your senses or observation of the world. In other words you come to the conclusion from reason alone. They are formed from nothing but analytical, and necessary premises, to arrive at the conclusion that God exists. A cosmological argument uses a general outline of arguments that makes a conclusion from clear obvious facts about the world, to the existence of an all-knowing being, that is God. Among these original facts, are certain beings, or events in the world that are causally dependent or reliant on the premise, that the universe is depending in that it could have been other than what it is, or why there is something rather than nothing. Descartes concluded that he had obtained a clear and distinct idea of God. In the …show more content…

Our minds don not reach the capacity to understand something that is beyond our reality. For example, we know the universe exists, and we know that there are many solar systems in the universe, and that it would take an unimaginable amount of light years to reach another solar system. We may even have calculated an exact amount of time, like 150 billion light years. But the truth of the matter is that we could never count that high or even get remotely close to experiencing such a number because it is too vast for our reality. It does not mean that this number does not exist; it just means it’s something that is out of our mind’s comprehension. And to think the being that is God is still further out of reach (150 billion light years is not infinite) is an unbelievable thing. So we do know what God is. He is perfect and he is infinite, but because our minds are limited we cannot fully grasps the concepts of perfection and

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