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You’re doing perfectly fine in your recovery process. You were regularly attending to counseling and cooperating well with your therapist, but then life’s challenges started to knock in you again. Maybe you started to run out of money or you had a sudden problem at work and with your boss. But it’s different this time, instead of getting a bottle of alcohol; you might find yourself taking old capsules of prescription drugs instead. You might think that taking one pill may help you release your stress. Then you taking took another. Suddenly, you end up medicating yourself with prescribed medications all the time. In that situation, no doubt that you are now facing a cross-addiction.
Defining Cross-Addiction
Cross-addiction specifically determines the occurrence of two or more addictions. This type of addiction is very usual and can be treated simultaneously. Most of the patients with this condition have developed their addiction because of the determination to handle their first dependency. …show more content…

People in recovery should be always aware to the risk of initiating a relapse of their dependency by taking another kind of drugs or alcohol. Same as with a person with diabetes who needs to be mindful about his/her sugar consumption. People in recovery of alcoholism should be very watchful in avoiding any activity that involves alcohol, as well as other sorts of habits that involves addictive drugs. Likewise, people in recovery of prescription drugs or any other kind of substances must be very vigilant concerning any habit that may embroil substances, together with alcohol. Substance abuse rehab center shows that when a person is in recovery, though the drug of choice of the addict is no longer in his/her body, the brain still desired the pleasure it gets when you were abusing the substance. As it were, your body and mind wants a new substance that can give that

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