Essay On Does Race Matter

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Research Paper: Does Race Matter?

Within America, there are a lot of citizens that consider themselves “color blind”. In talks of race, we often see people who are only for one race, people for all cultures and different ethnic groups, or people who consider themselves. Since the 2016 presidential campaign, we have started to see American citizens true colors (violence within Trump’s rallies). While researching this topic one may ask themselves ‘Does Race Matter?’ If the answer is no then why do we continue to see images of races outside of the White race being discriminated against, stereotyped, and destroyed in the media?
The importance of this research is to see how different ethnic groups view racism and their individual experiences with them. Many times when it comes to conversations about race we tend to generalize the experience. We often forget that there are other races besides the Black and White race and that they too have experiences of racism. The population that was studied was ages within the workplace (30-50 years of ages). This research will be impactful …show more content…

If race does not matter, why do we continue to see images of races outside of the White race being discriminated against, stereotype, and destroyed in the media? This research question does not have just one answer it can have many answers. A generalized answer could be that America was made to disvalue races outside of the White race. Especially since the presidential election, we keep hearing “Let’s make America great again.” The true question when was America great after the Europeans took over this native soil. If we look back into our history the Europeans took this land from the Native Americans and pushed them west. Then they forced our ancestors to come work for them with no pay. Not only did they not have pay they were beaten, ridiculed, humiliated, dehumanized, and raped while have to be respectful servants for the White

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