Essay On Flat Tax

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Should America implement a flat tax?
According to Steve Forbes “For many years, people have said, ‘Make the rich pay more,’ and many politicians have said, ‘The rich people need to pay their fair share,’” (Forbes) but what do we think is really fair? In this essay, I will show some of the benefits of implementing a single flat income tax. I will also some of the effects the flat tax will have on the lower class, middle class, and the upper class. I will then show the effects of implementing a flat tax on the United States economy.
The annual cost of compliance in America is $370 billion. This is how much time and money people spend conforming to government regulations and requirements like taxes. The total annual economic cost is $600 billion. (Forbes) This is a lot of money that can be used upgrade our infrastructure and create more jobs.
In our current tax system, our government and politicians give out tax favors to large corporations. While forcing the working middle-class man and small businesses to pay. In order to fix this issue of corrupt government tax favors, a single flat tax …show more content…

This corrupting process works to the advantage of the rich and powerful. Under a flat tax, needless to say, such shenanigans would disappear. Opposition to a flat tax, at least in the US, comes from two major sources. The most significant opposition is from interest groups that have placed loopholes in the tax code. Ideologues on the left are the other major group opposing tax reform. They believe taxes are first and foremost a means of redistributing income, and therefore strenuously oppose any system that lowers tax rates at upper income levels.”

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