Argumentative Essay: Should Rich Pay Higher Taxes?

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Many people are strongly debating whether or not the rich should pay higher taxes. I believe it should be that the rich do pay higher taxes. When times in the economy are rough, the government needs to look consider at how they could bring in more money. Charging the wealthy higher taxes could be a strategy the government could use., and the wealthy people are the ones who could afford it. But, taxing the rich more also wouldn’t be impartial that fair because the government already wastes much of the money pay they collect. Even though the wealthy have a higher income and can afford it, most of the wealthy worked hard to get where they are now. If we make the Making the rich pay higher taxes will have advantages and disadvantages as well. …show more content…

The rich are the ones who benefit the most from the government. Those big corporations and industries make billions of dollars from the public, and guess who owns them, rich people. So how do we solve our problem? You can’t make the poor pay more taxes, they don’t have the money. We also can’t really flatten the tax rate fairly because the only way to reduce the riches tax pay is to soak the middle class. That is not reducing the tax rate, we’re just making the middle pay more than the rich, and right now that is what is exactly happening. I know that most wealthy people work hard for their money, but we have people in the lower class barely getting by while the wealthy people throw around hundred dollar bills and don’t care about what anyone else thinks. They waste their money on things they don’t need while people in the lower classes struggle everyday. People that have financial disadvantages live paycheck to paycheck while the wealthy people just walk around with lots of money that they’ll waste on things they don’t need such as gold marbled tiles or million dollar perfumes. The least they can do is give a little back to the

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