Inequality In America

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Paul Krugman, an economics professor at Princeton, writes “Confronting Inequality” chapter 7 in his book. Equality in America is what makes America, what it stands for. Social and economic inequality still is a part of everyday life in America. Education is making parents struggle because they want to give them a good education; but also, health care for those who need it. Middle-class starts to scramble more every day while the high-class gets more prosperous. Inequality in America is creating trouble to the lives of Americans. Education is one of the most important subjects in America today. Education is material that can allow children and even adults to become successful in life. Paul Krugman writes, “… middle-class families buy houses they can’t really afford… because they’re desperate to send to send their children to a good school.” 563-564. parents will go into debt to send their children to a good school to give them a fair chance in life. Middle-class parents who don’t live in the good school distracts battle for their child education. Krugman said, “Middle-class Americans have been caught up in a rat race… because they’re trying to give their children a chance in an increasingly unequal society.” 565. Middle-class Americans try to give their children or child a chance to succeed in life by giving their child a good education. High-class families don’t have worry about the school district their child goes too; because if they don’t like it they can send their child
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