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Combat Food Addiction and Gain Your Body in 5 Steps When addiction is mentioned, many people think about drugs, alcohol or sex. But the fact remains that one could be addicted to food as well. One of the prevalent enemy people desiring to lose weight might actually face is food addiction. This is frequently experienced as cravings for various types of foods. They could be sugars, fats or even worse, sweet fatty foods for instance chocolates. In the long term, the food cravings may turn out to be addictions to foods. It has been proven that cravings increase further when people are on diets. Therefore, when a person eats, they are likely to eat highly calorific diets, thereby undoing the benefits of their dietary regime. It should be noted that …show more content…

• The places that increases the cravings? The trick here is to learn the cue that relates to you in particular and avoid them, simple as that. 2. Focus on the Long term Effect of The Food Making your brain think of, and realize the long term effect of whatever food is consumed could help fight food addiction. Thanks to advance in science and tech, modern agriculture has succeeded in providing foods that are aesthetically appealing but are gradually killing humans. There is a lot of pundits that are even submitting claims that modern agriculture destroys flavor of food. Staying away from these classes of foods might not be an easy decision but is good in the long run. The next time someone walks in with a family size bag of Peanut that will make you feel awesome for about half an hour, think about the long term effect. Think about how the sugar in the peanut is gradually killing you and how consuming the peanut will end up sabotaging your weight loss goals. 3. Follow a healthy Eating Plan The best meal you could properly take is the one you prepared. In your journey to break free from addiction, establish and strictly follow a healthy eating pattern. By doing this, there will be a safe boundary with food which will rule out the foods that tends to enhance

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