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“Forensic anthropologist usually works in three broad categories,” said Texas State professor Jerry Melbye.” A Forensic Anthropologist help examine a human skeletal or decomposed remains in a legal setting to establish the identity of an unknown individual and to help determine the cause of death.A Forensic Anthropology work to find the individual that was murdered or was a homicide.They need to find the biological profile of that person.They have many ways to find a biological profile.A biological profile is a series of characteristics that an individual possessed during life but which critically can also be determined from skeletonized remains after death.To find a biological profile they’ll need to find the age, sex, gender, geographic ancestry, and trauma.They use fragments of bones from skulls and long bones to not only find the sex, age, and gender but sometimes they can find how they died.They also use those bones to find lots of information about that individual.For example, they use the skull to find their race and long bone for height.Two steps that forensic anthropologist will take to find this person’s …show more content…

The elderly man found to important bones a skull and arm bone.These two bones have a purpose to the forensic anthropologist because with the skull they can find the race and sex and with the arm bone they can find the height.As stated in Identify the Victim by Angela Libal “The pelvis and the skull are the easiest and most accurate bones to determine sex.The most common way to estimate height is measuring a long bone and then using a mathematical formula that takes into account the victim age, sex, and race,”This citation proves what the arm bone and the skulls role.In conclusion when something looks suspicious and there's a body or bones dug up call the cops so they can deal with

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