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Out of many possible job fields to go into, the one I chose is one that many people look do not consider because of it being unusual. I am interested in a job of Forensic Science. I have wanted to become a forensic scientist since I was three years old watching and watching CSI with my grandmother at night. I continue to love watching crime shows to this day. At this point, I can determine who did it, on CSI, by the evidence that is collected. Most children will use their play make-up to put it on themselves or on other people. I would use it to fingerprint movie disk and many other things. While other children dreaded science, I loved it. I always had a fascination with crimes. When I was younger, I watched many documentaries on serial killers such as the Zodiac Killer and I looked at the evidence, wanted to test it, and put together the puzzle of what happened. In this research paper I hope to learn if I can achieve my goal of becoming a Forensic Scientist. I am also hoping with this research to learn what I need to do to achieve my goal. I am hoping that this research paper will answer the question of , is it possible for me to become a Forensic Scientist? For the past few years I have been working hard toward achieving my goal of becoming a Forensic Scientist. My grades have been in the high eighties and low nineties since ninth …show more content…

The most acknowledged advantage is providing evidence to convict criminals. This can be an amazing feeling for a Forensic Scientist. This job also has a down side. One of the downsides is working with cadavers, and knowing that they had an untimely death. Another disadvantage is the long hours. This is a problem because one can be called in on a holiday if there is a big case. Even though there are the disadvantages of the job the fact that one can help a family through a hard time by putting the person in prison makes it all worth

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