Why I Want To Be A Probation Officer Essay

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The career I have chosen has to do with criminal justice. Criminal justice is something that 's always seemed to grab my attention. It 's something I feel I was born to be interested in. I really enjoy helping others in any way so I figured why not pursue a career as a probation officer. Not only will I be helping others, but I will be preventing an offender from repeating the same mistake. Not only with a single individual but even a community. The more offenders I can help the more likely I will be able to reduce crimes in a certain community area. Although "it 's not guaranteed that the offender will be too happy, but this is where one as a probation officer needs to be physically and emotionally strong to get the job done." (Pauline Tait). Before I even started doing some research, you can say I only knew the basics of becoming a probation officer. For example the training and education needed to become one. As well as how it 's important to be able and have some type of experience. Meaning experience such as volunteering in past events to be …show more content…

As always one 's not going to know everything about everything. One of the questions I had before I started doing some research was how will the training experience be like. Since I know The post-secondary education needed to become a probation officer is a bachelor’s degree. "Typically in justice administration, social work, corrections, psychology or in some places a master’s degree in one of the preceding fields probation officer one will be working with criminals. So how will the training help me when an offender gets a little out of hand? Meaning in an abusive way. Will a self-defense class be needed? Not only did I question the training but the time needed to pursue this career. It 's important for me to know the time needed to accomplish this career in order to plan how I will be spending my time in the meantime while in school. Or simply to figure out a good time to transfer Into a

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