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The best Korean shoulder length hair ideas for women

Hair tendencies are always changing from season to season so that you can renew yourself. In recent years, Korean shoulder length hair is become more and more popular and is the premier choice for women because of caring and styling it easily.

So, if you are fed up with your long hair, why don’t you try Korean shoulder length hair? Let’s discover the following Korean shoulder length hair ideas with IVIRGO HAIR:

1. The simple Korean shoulder length hair idea: Straight hair

Firstly, to have Korean beautiful shoulder length straight hair, you should go to hair salon so that hairstylists can help you cut your hair properly.

After that, you may use a flat iron to straighten your hair from the roots to the ends, but it is noted that you need to spray your hair with heat protectant to avoid it from damage.
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Besides, if you want your straight hair soft and smooth, you can use some moisturizing oils covering on it. Coconuts oil and rosemary oil are great options for you.

2. Korean shoulder length C-curl hair

This elegant hairstyle is completely right for women with round faces because it helps your face slimmer. Like using SPF to protect your skin and using sunglasses to protect your eyes , you should use heat protectant spray before curling hair to protect your hair. It’s very simple to achieve C-curl hair:

Using a thin comb and curl the ends of your hair with a flat iron inwards for an effect that forms a C
Begin curling your hair at the nape of your neck
Avoid starting too high as you’re not looking to make your hair look shorter
Curl your hair away from your face to avoid burning yourself
Ring each of your curls for 5 seconds, keeping it secure
Repeat steps till entire head of hair is

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