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Homeschooling is better than traditional school
Homeschooling is better than traditional school. In 2010, 3.8 percent of kindergarten through twelfth grade were homeschooled. Homeschooling is starting to grow, and homeschooling is predicted to continue to grow for the next decade ( Sizer, 2003-2018). There are many arguments about why parents homeschool their children, a lot of arguments have to do with what their kids are learning in traditional school or their beliefs ( Holzmann & Holzmann, 1990-2018). Kids that are homeschooled have many family interactions, and produce a stronger relationship with their family. Having trust is an important life skill, and homeschoolers gain trust ( A., 2010-2017). A homeschool day’s structure creates more family time together, which makes the schedule extremely flexible and easy to work with. Homeschooling keeps children safe with what they are learning, creates more trust, and makes more time with family ( Holzmann & Holzmann, 1990-2018).
Multiple parents
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Homeschooling gives parents more rights to choose, which can affect how their children learn and what they learn. Parents have the right to teach their children what they want them to learn, and make it fun for their children ( Holzmann & Holzmann, 1990-2018). Parents choose to homeschool for multiple reasons, including focusing issues ( Sizer,2003-2018). The best way a person can make their relationship stronger is to be with the people they love. With this in mind, homeschooling gives people time to be with their family and enjoy being together ( Bledsoe,2018). The day’s structure for homeschooling is quite different than a traditional schools because homeschooling makes more time for family interactions, and has an adjustable schedule ( J., 2008-2018).Homeschooling can help families be closer, allow parents to have an adaptable schedule, and give parents more freedom to choose. Children need to know and see the joys of life.(Holzmann & Holzmann,
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