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Science Impact of Afforestation Introduction: What is Deforestation? Deforestation is the process of human cutting down trees and destroying the habitats of animals and lives. People would certainly think that deforestation would not be something good for the environment, and afforestation would cause a positive impact on the environment. Well, most people have his perspective like that. The scientist had found proofs that afforestation has the negative impact on the habitats of animals and the whole environment. But how this kind of activity would harm people and animals? Environment: How do people and animals live? Well, they would need to depend on some biotic and abiotic factors. Water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc. One of them…show more content…
One kind of trees, in particular, pine trees. From pine trees needles, they would produce a kind of toxins which would’ve been dangerous both to the plants and life in the biome and area. When the toxics were sent out from the trees, it poisons the plant and animals nearby. Also having the toxic contacting to the water and aquatic life would infect an issue of a serious population decrease because of the toxic contacting to the life underwater. Having this impact from afforestation would cause an impact on both habitats of forest and aquatic life. Giving much more consequences that afforestation would make. Economics: During the growth and the process of afforestation, there would be lots of time that people would need to use a large amount of money. Having a huge mass of places covered up with trees would have a big impact on the money that the area. Which people would need to give a large amount of money, which would affect the needs of economics. Environmental and economic world factors have always been connected to the topic of afforestation. Afforestation in other ways could be the ways of people earning money. Thinking people would be working his or her whole life on this, earning money and changing the conditions of their

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