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One of the important of judiciary is it makes judgments on whether the actions taken by individuals or even by the government, is in accordance with law. Those who break the law can be arrested and brought to court to be judged as to whether the person is guilty or not. There are times when people can take action against the government including the governing body, the legislator, and the executive, but if they feel that these people have not abided by the law. So in such cases, it is for the judiciary to decide. The judiciary is a special body in our society which may not be criticized. In other countries they do criticized the judiciary, even the judgment made by the court. In fact, they write books against certain judgments and this is not considered as disrespecting the judiciary. But in Malaysia we find that if a judge says something, you are not supposed to criticize what he says. He’s sort of superior being whose pronouncement must be accepted without question. In a way this is good because at some stage somebody
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The ultimate arbiter of disputes between the citizen and the state superior courts are the superior courts. The courts determine the constitutional validity of executive and legislative acts. The legal line beyond which the might of the state cannot trump the rights of citizens, they delineate it. The judiciary has been given the vital role of reconciling the conflicting demands of power and liberty, responsibility and freedom and the might of the State and rights of the citizens, in a Constitution with a chapter on fundamental

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