Argumentative Essay On Civil Liberties

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Civil liberties are rights guaranteed to citizens in the Constitution that the government cannot interfere with, however, in the name of national security, they do. The government sometimes finds it necessary for Americans to give up some of their basic rights to keep the nation protected, but many people find this unnecessary. A law-abiding citizen’s extremely personal information should not be essential to finding terroristic threats within this society. Under no circumstances should an American citizen’s civil liberties be violated in a time of war or crisis, because those are assured rights that are most valuable to their freedom during national conflicts.
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The Alien and Sedition Acts are perfect examples of being beneficial, because they were some of the government’s first “power grabs”, and this then made Americans truly stay aware of what decision their representatives made. On the other hand, the internment of Japanese during World War II ultimately had the opposite result. Today, those decisions made back then are embarrassments to all citizens, but some forms of it currently exist. For instance, the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, has contemplated a plan involving the ban of Muslims from the United States to prevent against deadly terrorist attacks. The responses received from the US. population about this policy are controversial and have been hot topics in the news ever since. Lastly, the fallout after 9/11 associating with the USA PATRIOT Act has brought Americans to become suspicious of their own government. They were completely unaware of the FBI’s database meant to spy on them and gather exceptionally personal information. The amount of focus people have placed upon their leaders has made the country more lawful and

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